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Taipower and Sustainability

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Environmental Leadership and Sustainability Commitment

While ensuring a stable power supply, all units at Taipower put their belief of protecting the environment and ecology into practice. In 2019, Taipower released "Taipower Environmental White Paper" based on the goal of demonstrating the Company’s "environmental leadership and sustainability commitment." Moreover, the Company set April as the "Taipower Environment Month" in line with Earth Day on April 22. A series of events related to environmental protection were organized, in which internal and external stakeholders were invited to participate to jointly develop a new environmental protection vision for power development in Taiwan.


The first "Environment Month" was wrapped up successfully on April 29, and the whole series of events reached 1,833 people. For Taipower, this was not the end point, but the starting point for the implementation of "environmental leadership and sustainability commitment." The subsequent implementation and execution were the cores of this event, and are goals that all Taipower's employees strive toward collectively. In the future, Taipower will periodically hold the "Environment Month" reflect upon its accumulated achievements, and to strive to convey its belief in environmental sustainability to the public in an innovative and diverse manner. Current environmental issues will be integrated, thereby expanding the engagement with the Company’s internal and external stakeholders and creating a sustainable brand image for Taipower's "Environment Month." The events are expected to become key elements in Taipower’s effort to become a green enterprise, on top of providing stable and high-quality electricity services.