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Taipower and Sustainability

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Innovative ICT and Smart Power Supply

Taipower is committed to the development of information technology. As information technology has rapidly evolved, the Company has introduced emerging information technologies and applied them to various power businesses. In recent years, Taipower has developed talent cultivation plans, established demonstration projects, and motivated employees to learn relevant knowledge and increase their understanding of the information and communications industry, particularly in popular information technology areas, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G communication, big data, and AI. In 2019, an Information and Communications Month was launched, with the aim of closely integrating Taipower's business and the information and communications industry to create new possibilities for the development of the electricity industry.


Taipower worked with the Industrial Technology Research Institute, Microsoft, International Trust Machines Corporation, Nokia, and FarEasTone to organize a month-long, public information and communications technology exhibition at the Taipower Headquarters. Through the display of models, a partial vision of the future smart city was outlined and explained to the public in an easy-to-understand way. In addition, a series of weekly events invited external experts to talk about the latest information technology developments, current status and future development trends for applications in various fields. These events enhanced employee and public understanding of information and communications. Taipower's various information business events were also arranged to demonstrate the Company’s achievements in information technology applications in hopes that Taipower will continue to connect future trends and information technologies with its work to change the existing environment through innovative thinking and to incrementally move toward the goal of sustainable development.

Photo of Performance
Photo of Performance

Taipower organized an Information and Communications Month for the first time. The Company also invited the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand to Taiwan to celebrate this grand event. The event helped promote exchanges in this industry, and its relevant achievements have also been widely praised by the industry and academia, which specifically focused on the presentation of the achievements of the AI Big Data Talent Development Camp. The camp was also highly recognized by the Minister of Economic Affairs and ministers without portfolio. Taipower's overall corporate image has been enhanced as a result. In recent years, Taipower has actively adopted information, communication, and automation technologies to upgrade the existing power network and advance toward a smart and integrated power network. Through this event, Taipower has been driven to continue to introduce and apply various innovative information and communications technologies. Meanwhile, the event disclosed the interim results of the Company’s efforts to the public so as to gain public understanding, trust, and support, thus further prompting Taipower to advance its technologies in support of Taiwan’s industrial progress.