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Corporate Humanistic Culture and Community Outreach

Corporate Humanistic Culture and Community Outreach

The power industry has promoted domestic industrial and economic development. In addition to supplying energy to Taiwan, Taipower has created a tangible historical architecture and intangible collective memories for Taiwan. In line with Taiwan's pursuit of social development and cultural awareness, the Company has integrated cultural preservation and creative thinking into a development-oriented growth model, promoting corporate humanities, public welfare and the building of a cultural corporate image.

Cultural Investment

To fulfill Taipower's commitments to preserving historical inheritance and sustainable operations, the Company is committed to the development of a broader understanding of Taiwan's power utility industry by injecting diversity into society and promoting the use of value-added knowledge. To achieve this, a "Cultural Heritage Preservation, Operation, and Maintenance Project" was launched. In order to examine the cultural heritage of the Company beyond its physical buildings, Vice President Hong-Chou Lee acts as the convener of Important Cultural Artifacts and Heritage Preservation, Operation, and Maintenance Project Meetings that examine, preserve and display cultural artifacts and documents related to Taiwan's power utility industry. In September 2017, a Division of Historical Documents and Materials was established within the Secretariat to administer the preservation of cultural heritage so as to promote resource sharing and activation, and to fulfill corporate social responsibilities.
In order to preserve, research, and communicate about Taiwan's power utility industry, the Company will undertake a phased development. Current policy calls for "collection and research first, and display and education later." The intention is to provide new value to cultural and historical artifacts and data through inventorying them as historical objects. The project is expected to achieve three goals: (1) preserving cultural heritage; (2) assisting cultural and historical research; and (3) strengthening social communication.

Investment in Public Welfare

Taipower actively encourages its employees to participate in volunteer and community service work as a means of fulfilling the Company's social responsibilities and to enhance the corporate image. Taipower holds numerous public welfare activities of various sizes. In 2018, there were a total of 1,598 events and instances of investment with 7,393 people participating for a total of 28,345 hours.
Over the years, Taipower has placed great emphasis on service to society. One of the Company's most notable efforts is the "Taipower Volunteer Service Team" which has been operating for many years. At present, the volunteer group's activities mainly focus on the four major themes of energy conservation and carbon reduction services, community services, social and humanistic care and environmental protection. The group is typically of service at events organized by local authorities near local Taipower locations.