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Integrity and Compliance

Integrity Management

Taipower believes in integrity management and has made a conscious effort to adhere to the principle of "authentic operation and autonomous management." This has led the company to promote a series of codes of ethics and to optimize its internal control mechanisms while ensuring legal compliance and fulfilling its corporate responsibilities.

Integrity Management

Taipower is a state-owned public utility, and the Company operates under the mandate of the Administrative Law of State-Owned Enterprises. As a result, the establishment of Taipower's organization, accounting, auditing, budgeting, business planning, utility rates, and long-term purchase and sale contracts must be approved by the competent authorities, in this instance the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Specifically, the Ministry's State-owned Enterprise Commission is responsible for supervising and managing the various operations at Taipower, as well as communicating other directives from other ministries, such as the Ministry of Economic Affairs itself, the Bureau of Energy, the National Development Council, or the National Audit Office. The implementation of corporate policies must comprehensively consider the provisions of various laws and regulations and their impact on policy development.