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Enhancement Measures for Human Resources

Human Resources Training

Taipower's work is highly professional, so in response to changes in the internal and external environment it is necessary to effectively cultivate future talent. Taipower has built a complete talent training system, systematically cultivating outstanding talent and constantly improving its training systems as well as the hardware and software of employee care. The following are descriptions of each core task:

Skill Training System

Recently recruited technicians need to receive long-term, intensive training at the Taipower's Training Institute. They are then sent to their respective units for further training. With the assistance of a mentor system, they continue to develop professional skills after entering the workplace. Taipower actively promotes a licensing system through license training classes and has formed the most solid human resources support force in the power utility business. In order to implement this training system and provide appropriate professional training venues, Taipower has four training centers throughout the country, namely the Wulai Training Institute, the Linkou Nuclear Energy Training Institute, the Guguan Training Institute, and the Kaohsiung Training Institute. The training institutes have different positions and missions, and actively carry out training programs required for the future development of the Company's operations. The licenses that new employees may study to obtain are in areas such as occupational safety, power distribution, nuclear power, power generation, power transmission and supply, operational maintenance, and general machinery, etc. Taipower's business needs are covered by these types of certification, and the certificaion system also encourages employees to continue to establish their own complete capabilities.
A total of 4,252 professional certificates were obtained by Taipower employees in 2018 and more than 70,000 certificates are held by current employees. The Training Institute also cooperates with various government agencies to plan and develop national-level technician certification categories for the core technical fields of the power utility industry. Employees can participate in training and be certified directly at the training units.

Cultivating Technology Talents

Taipower's Training Institute shoulders the responsibility of on-the-job training and preparation for new employees throughout the entire company. It is also the starting point for Taiwan's power utility talent in the coming decades. The Institute actively promotes information technology to provide trainees with technological experience and user habits. The application of technology to training and development is aimed at promoting the growth of the organization and employees. Current major planning projects include (1) e-schoolbags: training courses are digitalized and put online, (2) promoting blended learning: integrating web-based diverse information, (3) developing virtual reality (VR) simulation training courses to promote training experiences, and (4) establishing an instant survey feedback and discussion platform app, as well as continuing to improve the quality and relevance of training. After the development goals of each project are finalized, pilot training courses will be introduced and then graually promoted to expand their effect.
Through the development of the facilities at the Training Institute, a large number of highly professional training courses can be improved. The introduction of technology changes the learning experience, which in turn promotes different learning processes and habits. In terms of teaching, instructors can use technology to assist students by monitoring their learning dynamics, and then give feedback and adjust their teaching to make it more effective. Students can make good use of online resources for preview and review. They are not limited to specific teaching materials, but draw relevant information from multiple sources and also achieve quick and easy learning through video clips. It is expected that these resources will strengthen the lifelong learning, sense of professionalism, and spirit of achieving perfection among Taipower's employees.

The Results of Education and Training

Taipower's work is highly professional, and it is necessary to effectively cultivate future talent in response to changes in the internal and external environment. Therefore, Taipower has been investing in education and training for years. The results of these efforts are as follows:

The Results of Education and Training