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Human Resource Management Strategies

Human Resource Policy

All employees of Taipower are paid at levels above the national minimum wage. The Company is currently experiencing the retirement of numerous senior staff, and must continue to hire new talent so that core expertise and know-how are passed down to new employees. Taipower makes good use of multiple recruitment channels to employ talent that meet the needs of business development and operations, as well as taking on current and future challenges and enhancing the value of human resources. Each human resource action plan and its performance will be incorporated into a rolling review by the "Human Resource Development Task force" and its working groups, or into key assembly or management meetings. In aiming to realize each goal, the Company will develop corresponding actions and management changes, so that Taipower can effectively attract outstanding staff, cultivate professional talents, and achieve the goals of human resource management for recruitment, training & development, utilization and retention.

Taipower's Human Resources Recruitment, Training and Development, Utilization, and Retention Strategy

In facing comprehensive human resource challenges, Taipower will manage its human resources through holistic planning, and make adjustments following future organizational changes. Taipower has taken the initiative of inventorying current manpower, making advanced plans, deepening its thinking on talent pool management, improving the test system, and recruiting the most suitable talent for the Company. In addition, it is necessary for Taipower to connect the vocational education system with the Company, cultivate the base talents of the power utility industry, add new businesses in response to environmental changes, accurately select talent for each professional field, accelerate the cultivation of internal talent, relax the restrictions on seniority when registering for internal promotion examinations, and actively organize talent selection activities.