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Digital Transformation and Creating New Value with Smart Taipower

Digital Transformation and Creating New Value with Smart Taipower

Strengthening its energy management capabilities


As it faces the challenge of energy transition, Taipower is actively strengthening its energy management capabilities by introducing 5G, AIoT and big data technologies, building a smart grid and promoting demand-side management. The Company also uses machine learning and other technologies to obtain real-time demand and supply information in order to tackle the intermittent nature of renewable energy generation. By effectively integrating operational procedures with customer experiences, Taipower is creating new value while improving the power supply’s stability and efficiency.

Strengthening its energy management capabilities

Stable Supply of Renewable Energy

Solution Due to the intermittent nature of renewable energy generation, a flexible smart grid is needed. Flexible scheduling can stabilize the quality of the grid’s power supply and ensure the stability of the power system.
Case Study
Setting Up A Smart Grid and Developing A New Power Supply Chain

Kinmen has been designated a smart, low-carbon demonstration island. Taipower has designed three lines of defense to significantly improve the stability of the island’s power system: 1. Tashan Power Plant’s No. 9 and 10 high-efficiency, low-emission units provide a stable power supply for the system; 2. Two energy storage systems respond at different speeds to support each other. They reduce the impact of fluctuations caused by renewable energy supply; 3. The real-time offload demand response program can temporarily disconnect the power supply to major electricity consumers who voluntarily shut down during system emergencies, protecting the system and the general public's electricity consumption. In addition, an energy management system, an advanced distribution management system, fiber optics around the island, an information security upgrade, comprehensive smart meter adoption, Taipower App promotion, and citizen power plants are all important projects.

Real-Time and Diverse Data Sources

Solution Mobile digital technology, AI and AMI big data must be combined to learn about electricity consumption. The supply of electricity must be based on demands to save energy and limit electricity expenditures.
Case Study
The Taipower App

Taipower combined mobile digital technology and AMI big data applications to upgrade the "Taipower E-counter" app with a new "Taipower App." The app has new functions, such as electricity prepayment, electricity consumption management, electricity consumption information and tendencies, and timely reporting of power outages, which increase the convenience of electricity consumption for the public.


Consolidation of Demand / Supply Resources

Solution Digital systems must be integrated and new forms of power trading must be developed through equipment, business models and customer interactions.
Case Study
Digital Technology Applications: Plan, Design and Create New Business Models

Taipower completed the installation of 1.1 million smart meters in 2020. With the smart meters, Taipower provides customers with electricity consumption data and visualized electricity consumption analysis charts. These encourage users to reduce power usage of their own accord by providing them with their real-time electricity consumption information.




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