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From Environmental Policy to Circular Economic Strategy

From Environmental Policy to Circular Economic Strategy

Taipower pledged to create efficient and sustainable uses of energy and resources with a circular mindset.


In response to international trends in energy transition and the government's 5 + 2 industrial innovation plan, Taipower has made developing a circular economy one of the key items for its sustainable operations. In its 2019 Environmental White Paper, Taipower pledged to create efficient and sustainable uses of energy and resources with a circular mindset, and to implement the concept of a circular economy. By developing the two strategic dimensions of establishing of a circular business model and improving resource usage efficiency, the Company promotes various circular economic measures with the aim of shifting from a linear economic development mindset to a circular economy model that supports sustainable development.Electricity is Taipower's product. The process of power generation requires raw materials and the input of two key factors: power infrastructure and equipment. This model creates the potential for establishing a recycling loop in the product life cycle.

Taipower pledged to create efficient and sustainable uses of energy and resources with a circular mindset.

Taipower's 2020 Circular Economy Highlights

Energy Sphere: Recycling Energy
Energy Recycling - Smart Energy Storage

Taipower successively completed the construction of two energy storage systems in 2020. Both systems have been integrated into the grid for dispatch and are subject to scheduling to enhance the stability of the power system. The systems will implement automatic frequency controls to assist in increasing the frequency stability of the system during normal circumstances. They also transfer a significant amount of solar power generated during daytime for nighttime use. When there is an abnormal shutdown in the grid, one system can immediately provide the full load within 0.2 seconds to support the grid. If the other system is being charged, it can stop charging immediately and effectively improve the grid’s operating allowance.

Resource Sphere: Recycling Resources
TPCreative - Instilling New Life into Resources

TPCreative is a Taipower initiative that pursues environmental sustainability through the circular economy. All materials are sourced from production byproducts, such as soot produced in power generation or discarded equipment. The effort gave new life to these byproducts by creating "manhole cover soot coasters," "soot aroma stone notebooks," "wooden LED bedside reading lamps," "insulator lamp holders," and other cultural and creative products. More than 15,000 cultural and creative products have been sold earning a revenue of NT$3.82 million.

Resource Recycling and Reuse

To improve air quality, Taipower has installed flue gas desulphurization equipment in coal-fired power stations to remove the sulfur oxides from the flue gas. It also uses the limestone-gypsum process to convert sulfur oxides to desulfurized gypsum that can be used in cement and fireproof panels. Taipower's desulfurized gypsum production volume in 2020 was approximately 296,000 metric tons. In addition, Taipower has installed rainwater and wastewater recycling systems at all power plants, and the proportion of wastewater recycling has reached 78%. An "Intelligent Water Resource Recycling System" has been introduced in the General Management Office and has reclaimed 9,000 tons of water since 2018.

External Sphere: A Shared Platform
Marine Pasture

Taipower’s Marine Pasture uses the warm water discharge from power plants for aquaculture (fish farming). The project is currently being implemented at the Linkou power plant and has been farming multiple species, such as giant groupers, milkfish, and whiteleg shrimp. The project has passed heavy metal content and fish disease tests, and there are no food safety concerns. In addition to warm water discharge, Taipower's microalgae-based carbon sequestration technology uses microalgae to absorb carbon dioxide from flue gas, achieving carbon reduction and making algae into fish feed.

Future Prospects


By establishing the strategic blueprint, Taipower will continue to take a comprehensive inventory of its value chain from top to bottom, establish management mechanisms and indicator tracking systems. It will also facilitate cross-department communication and gradually expand the scale and scope of its circular economy in all aspects of business operations. Taipower organized the Return Home Special Exhibition in May 2021 to communicate Taipower’s corporate values and resolve to promote a circular economy. In the future, the Company will continue to promote environmentally sustainable practices with the goal of establishing an international benchmark for sustainable power generation. Through the process of benchmarking, stakeholder communication and cooperation, it will keep abreast of the latest trends in the development of circular economies, receive feedback from the public, and review and refine its results year by year.




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