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Strategy for Sustainable Financial Operations


Taipower will maintain reasonable electricity rates and diversified management practices to achieve the multiple goals of a stable power supply, energy conservation, carbon reduction, and financial stability in response to changes in power generation and sales structures, fuel price volatility, and uncertainty in electricity rate adjustments.

Strategy for Sustainable Financial Operations
Diversified Management and Strategies

Diversified Management and Strategies


In the face of multiple challenges that include the opening of the electricity market and its organizational transformation, Taipower is pursuing an expansion strategy aimed at extending its original business in the electricity industry, strengthening asset revitalization, and entering spin-off businesses. Taipower will continue to provide a stable power supply and actively explore new business opportunities in the future. The Company exists not only for the purpose of profit, but also for the implementation of corporate social responsibility, assisting the government in promoting industrial development and environmental sustainability. Taipower homes to create a new entity that will benefit both society and the business by integrating external resources. Currently, Taipower is actively creating a variety of new businesses. These include real estate revitalization, a fiber optic circuit bandwidth rental business, electric equipment repair contracting, and cultural and creative businesses. In 2020, these new ventures brought in more than NT$1.6 billion in revenue for Taipower

Financial Performance Targets and Results


Total Assets

Operating Revenue



Income Before Tax


1. Taipower is a state-owned enterprise and, according to law, its final accounts are subject to review and certification by the National Audit Office. At the time of publication, the actual performance for 2020 has not been reviewed and certified by the National Audit Office and is thus reported according to the numbers reviewed and certified by certified public accountants.
2. The numbers for 2019 are reviewed and audited final accounts which are not the same as the basis of disclosure for the 2020 Sustainability Report




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