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Tracking Smart Grid Achievement

Kinmen Smart Grid Energy Consolidation and Applications

Renewable energy generation is booming in Kinmen. But as renewable energy is integrated into the system, its volatile generation will affect power plant operations and system stability. To mitigate these effects, Taipower has introduced two energy storage systems in Kinmen. A 2MW lithium battery energy storage system swiftly provides shortterm power compensation by detecting and responding to system status. This makes the power supply and demand system more stable. Additionally, a 1.8MW sodium-sulfur battery system was designed to have a large storage capacity, and can be used continuously for up to six hours. It is charged during daytime when solar power is abundant and is discharged at night. This system is used in combination with diesel generators.

With the increasing proportion of renewable energy in the Kinmen power system, accurate generation prediction can reduce fuel costs that result from operating thermal units as a reserve. Currently, Taipower has consolidated forecast information for wind and solar power in the Kinmen area to develop a generation information platform that provides a reference for Kinmen’s Tashan Power Plant’s unit scheduling and maintenance management.

Taipower also established an Energy Management System (EMS) at the Tashan Plant in Kinmen. The system integrates information on diesel units, solar photovoltaics, and wind turbines and incorporates information on energy storage system status, grid structure, and user load forecasts to provide dispatchers with operational status for the next 24 hours. An AI algorithm is also used to provide power dispatching countermeasures.

Furthermore, an Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) is set up on the power distribution end in the Kinmen area. The system incorporates the management of distribution line structure and equipment status, and provides real-time power generation status control for over than 95% of the island's solar photovoltaics. This information allows Taipower to achieve user load demand assessments, automatic fault recoveries, and renewable dispatch, so as to improve power quality and reliability for users. Through the EMS and ADMS in the Kinmen area, Taipower is able to immediately assess Kinmen’s power system situation and respond with the dispatch and coordination of different energy sources to maintain the stable operation of the system while moving towards the goals of becoming a low-carbon society and achieving sustainable development.

Schematic Diagram of Smart Grid

Schematic Diagram of Smart Grid



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