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The General and Action Plan Structures for the Smart Grid

The Smart Grid General Planning Framework

Smart grids are vital to driving energy transition, leading industrial transformation and new economic development. Taipower is proactively reducing the impact of intermittent renewable energy generation, enhancing grid resilience, and strengthening and consolidating power transmission and distribution systems. The Company is committed to improving disaster prevention and troubleshooting capabilities while increasing the system supply and demand performance, incorporating load management methods, enhancing user participation opportunities, and progressively building a stable and effective smart grid.

Taipower’s smart grid action plan is aligned with the Smart Grid Master Plan as approved by the Executive Yuan on Mar. 27, 2020. The future smart grid strategic plan will be oriented towards problem-solving and focus on the system integration of smart grid functions. The Company has examined existing issues with the power system, revised the plan’s structure and organized issues into seven major fields. The seven major fields are: smart dispatching and power generation, grid management, energy storage systems, demand side management, ICT infrastructure, industry, and statutory regulation. Among them, Taipower is responsible for the first five fields, while the Industrial Development Bureau is in charge of developing the industry, and the Bureau of Energy is in charge of statutory regulations.

The Smart Grid General Planning Framework

Smart Grid Action Plan


In 2020, Taipower experienced several major achievements within the five fields under its purview. They are as follows:

01Smart dispatching and power generation

Consolidating existing renewable energy generation and establishing an information management platform, creating a power market trading platform and coal-fired unit big data monitoring, and introducing a Distribution-level Renewable Energy Advanced Management System (DREAMS).

02Grid management

Transmission system data planning, operation, and maintenance, information Consolidation to strengthen transmission and distribution asset management.

03Energy storage system

Self-built 11.5MW of system capacity in 2020 (including a demonstration field) and procured additional ancillary services of 15MW, totaling 26.5MW.

04Demand side management

Taipower is targeting potential power-saving users in its deployment of smart meters. The Company plans to complete a cumulative deployment to six million users by 2030. By the end of 2020, a total of 29,621 high-voltage AMIs and 1,096,869 low-voltage AMIs had been installed.

05ICT infrastructure

Completed the installation of 65 kilometers of optical cables and 94 optical fiber communication systems, providing 773 communication circuits.




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