Stakeholder Communication Results
Materiality to Taipower
The media is Tai- power's partner when it comes to communicating with the general public. Through positive interaction with the media and building appropriate means of information de- livery, Taipower will be able to foster awareness and help the general public understand the Company's op- eration

Issues of Concern
Stakeholder engagement and information transpar- ency
Transformation into a new energy utility group
Renewable and clean energy development
Environmental impact management and com- pliance
Power supply stability and reliability

Frequency and Methods of Engagement
Press releases
Printed materials
Public hearings/information sessions
On-site visits/visits by desig- nated personnel
Taipower's corporate web- site
Market Observation Post System (MOPS)

Engagement Results
In 2018, Taipower published 104 press releases and 96 immediate clarifications on issues related to power supply, demand, renewable energy development, new power source projects, envi- ronmental protection, and major emergencies in order to provide prompt and immediate informa- tion to the media. Taipower has also taken the initiative to issue press releases to the media for further dissemination of information
Regarding issues that have drawn significant public attention in recent years, Taipower has proactively released positive press releases (i.e., promoting renewable energy, energy-saving mea- sures, conservation of power-related historical ar- tifacts, and recruitment of new employees, etc.) to demonstrate the Company's active support of the energy transition, the development of green ener- gy, and the transition of the power utility industry
Taipower has taken steps to improve its spokes- person system by offering immediate responses and publicizing Taipower's key policies in re- sponse to issues that are closely related to the livelihoods of members of the general public