Board of Directors
Materiality to Taipower:
The Board of Direc- tors functions at the core of Taipower's operations and is responsible for lead- ing the Company to- wards sustainable management.

Issues of Concern:
Integrity and sustainable management
Transformation into a new energy utility group
Management and finan- cial performance

Frequency and Methods of Engagement:
One monthly board meeting and Project Review meeings
At least one Audit Commit- tee meeting every quarter
Training for directors (includ- ing independent directors)
Annual performance as- sessment for the Board of Directors

Engagement Results:
Convened 12 Board meetings
Convened 19 Project Review meetings
Convened five Audit Committee meetings
33 directors (including independent directors) participated in training courses on corporate gov- ernance and completed 126.5 hours of training
Performance for 2018 was evaluated in accor- dance with the "Performance Evaluation Guide- lines for Boards of Directors" and the results are available on Taipower's official website