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Taipower and Sustainability

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Statement from the Chairman

Despite the many challenges of 2019, the Taiwan Power Company, or Taipower, continued to stride steadily forward as the helmsman of the country's stable power supply. In recent years, the sustainability trend has become an unstoppable wave both domestically and globally. It has involved the active promotion of energy transition, a devotion to developing renewable energy, the fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities etc. As an indication of the Company’s proactive approach, Taipower believes that "the right thing is not only a thing that needs to be done but a thing that needs to be done better.” Thus, in addition to strengthening its business management, Taipower responds actively to external expectations. As such, Taipower has adopted "Smart Energy Generation and Collective Inheritance" as the main theme for its 2020 Sustainability Report, which lays a foundation for the sustainable electricity industry in the following four domains of sustainable development.

Developing Low-Carbon Electricity

Recently, Taipower has been cooperating with the government’s green energy policy by promoting gas, reducing coal, and increasing green energy. The proportion of gas-fired power generated and purchased by Taipower in 2019 surpassed that of coal-fired power. This achievement was realized by utilizing a power dispatching model that prioritizes "green power first" and "eco-friendly dispatching." In addition, the emission reductions for existing coal-fired power units were significant, allowing Taipower to make a big step toward its goal of providing low-carbon electricity. Moreover, the active development of renewable energy is a major focus of our endeavors. The use of clean renewable energy has become a global trend. The launch of the Changhua Coastal Solar Power Plant is the best manifestation of Taipower’s ability and determination to develop green energy. It is also a major milestone in the promotion of energy transformation and illustrates our aim of creating a win-win situation with power development and environmental sustainability.

Integrating Smart Technologies

As technology for telecommunications, artificial intelligence, and energy storage has continuously developed, Taipower has embraced the future by applying technological innovations, and gradually building an automated metering infrastructure (AMI), smart grids, integrated smart forecasting, dispatching, power restoration, and services. Furthermore, as we have entered the information era and data has become an important resource, Taipower has worked to integrate its different departments, enhance its big data analysis and application capabilities, and is striving to develop new business models. The Company has also pursued smart innovation applications for smart circuit inspection and risk warning through the use of drones and robots. The Company also held its first AI Big Data Talent Development Camp in 2019. The camp sought to improve the utilization of AI and big data analysis technology, continue innovation and improvement, shake off the traditional image of the electric industry, and further the transformation of the Company into a smart electricity corporation that benefits the public.

Creating Social Momentum

Aside from providing energy, Taipower strives to create social momentum by combining electricity with art to create beautiful scenes for people to enjoy in their daily lives. In recent years, Taipower has promoted a number of art and cultural events, such as the "Light up 13 Layer Remains" sound and light art show on Mid- Autumn Festival, which sparked nostalgia for the mining history. Other events have included the "Power Zone-Transformer Box Science Exhibition" that was held on the Chianti Avenue Plaza to provide the public with an interpretation of electricity science and urban aesthetics. Furthermore, Taipower values the cultural inheritance of the electricity industry and has organized large exhibitions, including "Just Flow: Taiwan Electricity Cultural Assets Exhibition" to incorporate the spirit of cultural resource preservation into its corporate DNA. These efforts illustrate the great importance Taipower attaches to culture, art, and cultural and creative industries.

Collaborating and Coinheriting

Taipower was established more than 70 years ago. Throughout its history, the Company’s human resources have always been its most important core asset for advancing technology and services. Since the electricity industry relies upon technologies that require highly skilled professionals, the company is heavily reliant on the inheritance of experiences embodied in its staff. In the face of challenges, such as organizational transformation and the transition to low-carbon electricity, human resources remain the cornerstone of future development. Therefore, in terms of talent cultivation, Taipower emphasizes "coaching as a method for inheritance and encouragement as a driver of inheritance." By organizing employee communication events, assistance programs, and sharing sessions for various units, Taipower advocates for employee care and growth to create a happy workplace that allows employees to keep devoting their best to the future of Taiwan’s electricity industry as different generations fuse.

The following decade will be crucial for sustainable development and its influence. As one of Taiwan’s most important state-owned enterprises, Taipower is committed to demonstrating its determination to promote the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As such Taipower has prepared a sustainable development strategy blueprint for the next decade which outlines the Company's vision and a robust strategy that demonstrates our attitude and determination to prepare for future challenges in advance.
Finally, we appreciate your sustained recognition of our achievements in sustainable development. Taipower will continue to follow the global trend toward sustainable development and will carry forward in the spirit that“the more dedicated Taipower is, the more assured power users will have in their daily lives.”

Chairman Wei-Fuu Yang